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Buying a used bayliner trophy 2002 wa, having trouble deciding which one.-gctid821558

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    Buying a used bayliner trophy 2002 wa, having trouble deciding which one.-gctid821558


    I live in sweden and

    i am buying a used Bayliner trophy 2002 wa here locally but having trouble deciding which among two. So my hope is that there is some nice people here with knowledge about the model and the changes made over the years that can give some advice. All opinions apreciated.

    The first have the following specs: year:1992, engine:140hp suzuki 2010 with timing chain, including trailer.

    Priced at 15k

    And the second boat specs

    Year: 1999, Engine:Yamaha 150hp 2007 with timing belt uknown if change is due.

    No trailer included. Priced at 18.5k

    I think the later newer one looks nicer with smoother lines but is the model changes only cosmetic or is one better then the other quality wise. But the first one seems like a better deal. What do you think?

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    My advice would be buy the older hull with the newer power.

    If it floats it floats. No updated power should be the money saver for you.

    Others may have a different opinion.

    Saw you over on THT. You wont get any love over there as a Bayliner guy.
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      I saw i wrote the wrong year on one of the engines, changed it, should be 2010 not 2014, but i guess you still recomend going for that one. Thanks for the help.


        Man those Trophy 20 footers aren't cheap.

        NO trailer on a 20' boat?

        First one is a better deal!

        That blue bottom paint is ugly too...
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          If it were I I would still go with the newer power and the trailer for less $$$. A hull is a hull if it has been maintained at all.
          1988 Bayliner 1950 BR
          5.0L OMC Cobra I/O


            Ten year-old motor versus seven-year-old motor, what are the hours?

            Also lift the covers off of them and look inside for rust corrosion etc., should be easy to tell which is better maintained.
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              I have the 1999 Trophy and couldn't be happier with it. I'd take the newer hull, older motor. The extra h/p will also be helpful. A 10 year old Yamy that's been well maintained still has lots of life in it. Also give me a Yamaha over a Suzuki and day.

              Maintenance on both motor and boat is very important, but given if they are equal, newer hull for me.
              Bob Hawes.
              Kelowna, B.C.
              1998 Trophy 2052 WA
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