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  • Cleaning E16 deck-gctid821250

    So we are first time boat owners. We just got a 2014 E16 and attempted to hose down the deck. The water just pooled at the stern of the boat but does not drain. Does anyone have any advice on getting this puddle out?

    I know, probably a dumb question...but we're lost haha


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    You do have the brass plug located under the outboard removed, yes? If not , you are just filling the bilge with water and it has no place to drain unless you pull the plug of run the bilge pump. The drain holes from the stern into the bilge can get clogged so gently put a stiff wire down there to free up any debris. I picked up some boat deck cleaner from walmart that I use to scrub my floor down to remove the discoloring before I hose it down. Note that the compartment that holds the gas tanks does not drain and if you get water in it, you either have to mop it out or let it evaporate with the cushion removed.


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      Is your Element out of the water when you are hosing it?

      Is the water going to the bilge area?

      If the water is going into the bilge, turn the pump on to empty the bilge.

      If the water is NOT getting to the bilge, check that the hoses (in the bilge area) are not kinked or curled up higher than the holes on the deck. For water to go DOWN from the deck to the bilge, those hoses must be curled down to the bilge (not up).

      If the Element is out of the water, in addition to the above steps, remove the plug(S) to remove any water inside the hull.

      Good luck.
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