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    I went out to check out my nephews 77 Carver 28'. Long story but my nephew has gotten stuck trying to sell it but it isn't worth much in the shape it's in. It runs and we took it out of it's mooring today to give it a further test. He isn't licensed to operate a boat so that is why I was there. Well, it runs and operates but not too well. Twin Ford 302 inboards. Both engines have trouble idling so they kept dying on me. Start a bit hard too. We didn't go far and stayed in the no wake zone, probably just as well. The boat turned sharp to port but hardly will turn starboard. I assume that is a steering adjustment issue. It has a steering indicator above the column and it is about half way to starboard when the boat is steered straight ahead. When pulling back into it's slip the engines kept dying on me so it wasn't very graceful. It was a good thing the slip beside was empty so we had double the space and no other boat to ram, just the dock. My nephew isn't a boat guy so when I told him to go down to secure the boat to the dock I couldn't see where he went. He was on the port side but we were docking on starboard. Port engine died so I couldn't use the sticks and there just wasn't time to restart it. We managed to get it tied up without damaging anything but it wasn't pretty. Last night his wife was saying she just wants to donate the boat to one of those organizations that take old cars, boats or whatever you have and they can take the tax deduction. I am thinking that might be their best option too. They have paid nearly $3,000.00 in moorage fees this past years since his dad died. He is hoping to get about $8,000.00 for the boat but I doubt he can without pouring more money into it first. I actually think there isn't a break even point at this time. I am open to suggestions if anyone has a better idea. I will pass it along to him. Another problem is that they live about four hour drive away. I live close but I don't think I want the boat if he offered it to me for free. One more point, it doesn't come with a trailer.
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    Donate it and take the tax deduction. A 1977 boat is already 40 years old and probably needs major overhaul. If you say it has Ford engines it probably also has Cobra drives which is another potential problem finding someone who knows how to work on them. He won't even get $8000 out of the boat the way it is. I had a 1990 2755 in pretty good shape I was willing to sell for book value of about $7500 back in 2013. I had installed new manifolds, risers, had the drive reworked and resealed, and had a trailer for it. Couldn't even find anyone that wanted to look at it. Finally ended up selling it to a guy for $3500 just to get rid of it. Most people will not want to spend the time and money necessary to revamp that old a boat. Give it to the Rescue Mission and get something from Uncle Sam.
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      Sounds like it needs a fair amount of TLC. He's not a "boat guy" and the moorage fees will end up eating away at his pocket book very quickly. He'll likely not get anything near 8k but may get 3-4K. Maybe clean it up real good and put it on Craig's, it's probably a decent time to sell.
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        I honestly think that's one of those situations where no one is going to pay you anything for that. It's not a popular boat and it's probably only worth a couple thousand if it was in running decent condition.

        You could try selling on CL for a week for $1000 firm or something. Be VERY descriptive of it's condition and post lots of pictures so you don't waste your time or other people's time.

        I think you hit the bail on the head in donating it Check out boat angelministries on eBay. They have lots of dead donated boats for sake. Next year on your taxes you can deduct retail value of that as a donation. Or talk to your tax guy if you have your taxes done professionally. Or just advertise free boat on craigslist if you feel like dealing with all the derelicts on there.
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          I would also point out that early Carvers are not well thought of. If selling it , it'll be 2500 or best offer. With the best offer more likely.
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