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    Willamette River cruise-gctid820371

    Yesterday, Monday Aug 7, my wife and I took a cruise up the Willamette River through Portland as far as the falls. That was the first time I have been upriver so far. The boat performed flawlessly. As we passed the lock at Oregon City I cautiously proceeded at a very slow speed, wanting to get as good a look at the falls as I could. As I said I proceeded very slowly as the canyon was getting narrow with what is nearly rapids and real rapids no more than 200 feet away. It was fun and the view of the falls from that vantage point is awesome. About then I felt a good hard and solid hit. No vibration and everything seemed ok. The depth gauge was reading less than 10 feet I believe but I am sure there have got to be jagged rocks underwater. As soon as we felt the bump I cautiously turned around and idled back downstream. We had a good cruise back downstream to the Columbia River and up to the ramp at Vancouver. It was a great day on the water. Anyway this morning I went out and inspected the boat expecting to find some evidence of the hit. Nothing. No nick on the prop or skag on the outdrive. Then I looked at the underside of the hull and still not a mark. I guess I got lucky. I am surprised it didn't leave a mark. I wanted to include a video my wife took but I have no idea how to use her phone and she is napping right now.
    1988 Capri Cuddy 1950 OMC 5.7

    the cruise up to Willamette falls and back is one of the most enjoyable trips one can make in a boat from the Columbia. we usually make a weekend of it, and sometimes three days.... we sometimes leave the marina on marine drive friday, and cruise to the downtown city docks and spend the night. then in the morning, hit the saturday market for food and entertainment... afterwards we will head up the river and either tie up to some pilings or throw the hook for the evening.... sleep in sunday and then cruise to the falls. sometimes we will tie to the transient dock at oregon city and walk over to fishermans marine supply and spend some money, or to the little thai restaurant for lunch (great food there)...... then make our way back to where we launched. we dont get in any hurry, as that just ruins the experience.

    and there are underwater hazards to be aware of at the falls. there are submerged logs and debris caught in the rocks, and it may have been a limb or chunk of wood that came free as you approached... it doesnt take much of a limb (3/4 to 1 inch in diameter) if its solid, striking the prop to be felt throughout the boat, and have no trace of damage....

    another good cruise is go down river to st.helens area, there are things to see and explore in the local area.

    the city dock there is nice with free showers, and its within easy walking distance to some good restaurants (and lounges)... and then return up the multnomah channel... its scenic.

    Salem, OR

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    5.7 OMC Cobra - 15.5x11 prop
    N2K equipped throughout..
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      That sounds like the way to do it Centerline2. My boat is a 1950 Cuddy so overnight stays are just not what we want to do until we get a true cabin cruiser. It's in the plan to upgrade perhaps next year to a larger boat that we can enjoy the kind of experience you talk about. We haven't done the down river Columbia trip yet so that might be our next outing. Something else that the Willamette River has going for it is that as soon as you turn into the Willamette from the Columbia the water becomes much more calm. Makes it more relaxing when the boat isn't bobbing so much because of wind chop and wakes from passing boats. Of course there are lots of boats on the Willamette too but it just seems quieter on the water than the Columbia River does.
      1988 Capri Cuddy 1950 OMC 5.7