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Ordered in a VR5, it(39)s now a month past when they quoted... now what??-gctid819899

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    Ordered in a VR5, it(39)s now a month past when they quoted... now what??-gctid819899

    I custom ordered a VR5 in mid may, they had quoted me second week of July, and I went for it. It's now August and I can't get straight answers...

    I'm told there was a delay due to the tower on backorder, yet they have no further info other than it's "now done" (which they already told me 2 weeks ago that it was completely done)

    I understand there are delays, yet this is almost a month later (summer months) and I can't even get an estimated delivery date.. shocking that such a big company wouldn't have anything in place to give a customer more info as to a status update.

    The dealer has offered a $250 gift card, but other than that, keep giving conflicting answers with no real info, stating that's all info their Bayliner rep has to report.

    What do I do here? Does anyone have any info/email to an actual bayliner rep? Very frustrating and sucks being in limbo.... this is my first Bayliner purchase..

    Unfortunate, but sometimes this stuff happens. This is why dealers are loathe to put a "must deliver by" date in any of their contracts; It is beyond their control. I usually minimize this problem by ordering my boats in the winter, and can usually have the dealer commit to a four or five month delivery deadline. I have never waited longer than 3 months, however.....and 2 months is typical.

    When ordering a Corvette a couple of years ago, I found a website that listed which options were on backorder and thus delaying production, and made sure not to include any of those options. I don't think that there is a similar resource for Bayliner or any boat brands.


      They called me today, it's finally in this week. I hate that I've been pestering them as I'm usually pretty reasonable (and I'm sure they're used to it) but these are summer months here.. an extra month of wait feels like a year. Especially considering they couldn't give any updates.. other than we don't know it will be here someday.....


        Congrats. Now get out there and have some fun!

        (I am hoping that you are on here in the coming weeks to report nothing but good times....and no delivery or warranty issues).....