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2003 Bayliner Classic 288 How fast can it go with a full tank of gas?-gctid819730

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    2003 Bayliner Classic 288 How fast can it go with a full tank of gas?-gctid819730

    I am told that a 2003 Bayliner Classic 288 can go top speed 36 knots. When on the ocean, full throttle we are only able to go 26 knots, does this sound about right?

    We have a rebuild engine with only 30 hours on it. Marine Surveyor already took a look and stated all is good. Seems to me, we should be able to go faster on calm seas.

    Any comments?

    I have a 2004 288, 350mpi bravo3.

    Top speed was at Catalina island with smooth water, lite load and friendly winds....36mph. Since then , we have added lots of family, creature comforts, scuba and fishing neccesities. With all of the clutter, i get about 30mph on friendly seas but typically run in high 20's.

    Don't plan to win many races ..........but love the boat and it's versitile design.

    Good luck with yours.

    Be safe.


      Also used to own a 2004 288 with the 350MAG MPI. If you search my history I posted a test a few years back where I swapped props from the 3x3 blade to 4x4 blade from Hill Marine. My best speed (from memory) was something around 32-33kts wide open. We regularly cruised at 25kts at roughly 4000 RPMs. So it sounds like yours at 26kts max has something going on.

      Top candidate on this boat is #1 (with a bullet) Dirty Bottom/Props. Beyond that, poorly matched props can be an issue particularly if you are unable to achieve the recommended WOT of roughly 47-4800 RPMs as this engine/leg combo tends to be very sensitive to mismatching. I do have to give my thumbs up to the 4x4 blade props as it transformed the performance of the boat.