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Utah wire help!-gctid819352

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    Utah wire help!-gctid819352

    Ok so i have a 92 2655. Pulled the batterys out for winter didnt mark the wires now i have a mess. Trim gauge not working rpm jumping all around or will read like 2500 prm tap it and it will go to 3. Volt meter jumps all around. Ive called my local shops to see if they do or could refer me to someone to re wire my dash clusters. All shops said they will only do 95 and newer. So where does a go guy to get the rewire done here in utah? Or maybe a diagram of wires and colors. When i looled behing the dash someone has already cut up wires. The tack has a red and a black wire the black wire was linked with 2 more black wires and the red one got ran to a purple one but could not trace that purple to the back. Just to give you an idea of what im working with. Any help would be great thanks!

    The back of the manual for your boat has the wiring diagram (and wire colors) for your dashboard instruments. Although that might be of limited use if someone has replaced the wiring with standard red/black wires.

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