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Fender Covers Decorate Your Boat! Part 2-gctid819315

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  • Fender Covers Decorate Your Boat! Part 2-gctid819315

    Assembly Instructions and photos

    Note: I use a clear polyester thread. It seams to hold up well out side.

    Step 1

    Pick out the flag you want to use, lay it on the ground and set your fender on it.

    Roll the fender holding one edge of the flag. After you have covered the fender with the flag draw a line with a marker. "Note: You do not have to make the cove a tight fit, It is easer to install if you make it a little larger."

    Cut the flag on the line.

    Step 2

    Line up the two ends of the flag and sew down the seam. I like to use a zigzag stitch.

    I sew each seam two times.

    Remember to turn the flag so the part you are going to see in on the inside when you sew the seam.

    Step 3

    I call them darts, but I am not sure that is the right name for them.

    At the top of the fender cover you will need to sew about a 45 degree angle to close up the top.

    I eye balled about 1 1/4" and sewed multiple darts at the top. I found the more you use the smother the cover turns out at the top.

    Make sure you leave enough room for the top of the fender to come though.

    Step 4

    Turn the cover inside out and put it on your fender.

    Experiment I used some fenders with streamers and uneven edges, fun to play.

    Have fun!

    I had a lot of good comments on the fender covers on my boat.

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