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Fender Covers Decorate Your Boat! Part 1-gctid819314

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    Fender Covers Decorate Your Boat! Part 1-gctid819314

    Fender Covers Decorate Your Boat!

    When fenders sit out in the sun for a long time they start to get gummy.

    One way to slow this process down is to keep the fender covered.

    I happened on a garage sale that was getting rid of an assortment of decorative yard flags.

    I bought 9 or 10 of the flags to use at my house.

    I did not use all of the flags at the house, and after a while I though I might find another use for them.

    I needed new fender covers, the ones I had, had started showing there age.

    With all of the nice colors on the flags I though it would be nice to add a little color to the boat.

    The fender covers were an easy sewing project.

    It only took about 30 minutes per cover. After the 4th one it took much less time.

    More photos on assembly in part 2

    What a great idea!

    Bryers Cottage Marina
    Harrison Twp, MI