Hello all, first time posting on the forum. I have a 2017 VR5, 200hp 4.5L with almost 20 hours on it, launched it yesterday morning and noticed it was idling a bit rough, almost like the prop was out of balance. I thought maybe it's just cold and proceeded away from the dock. Then I noticed a clicking noise as I put it into gear. Faster as I accelerated and slower as I reduced speed. Now the clicking noise only happens in gear, not in neutral so I opened up the hatch to see if I can identify the noise while in gear and couldn't really pinpoint exactly where it was coming from but when the hatch is closed, it appears it is coming from the lower part of the engine. Going to take it in for my 20 hour service but my dealer is backed up for the next 3 weeks and would hate to be out of the water for so long. Any ideas what this could be? Any input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!