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Has anyone tried the (34)Wanderfin(34) to prevent the wandering of their boat?-gctid818519

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    Has anyone tried the (34)Wanderfin(34) to prevent the wandering of their boat?-gctid818519

    I know not all boats wander, and some prop setups and trim tabs can help reduce it, but still some boats have an extreme tendency to wander at slow speeds.

    My Bayliner 2556 is one of these types of boat.

    I have read about what causes the wander, and, if someone has actually done the research to find out why it happens rather than just posing a theory, then why hasnt someone came up with a product to counteract it or prevent it?

    I dont know if this product wanderfinwanderfin does anything positive to decrease the problem, but if the fact that a boat with a rudder behind the prop minimizes the wandering, then this should help.

    has anyone tried it to see if it actually works as advertised?.

    I would like to add an autopilot to my boat, but unless the wandering is reduced considerably, its not a viable option, unless I only want to run the autopilot at planing speeds. I want an autopilot for economical slow speed cruising, NOT for planing speeds. Thanks for any input...

    Salem, OR

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    Some say it is great, most say not. Most have said they tend to bend from the prop wash.
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