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Expected Fuel Economy/Consumption/Recommendations

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    Expected Fuel Economy/Consumption/Recommendations

    First real question on this Forum:

    Heading out on newly purchased Avanti 2950. Have dual 5.0L Ford Cobra engines. Looking for feedback from anyone running similar in terms of what MPG or GPH they are getting and also what speed seems to be most efficient for their craft.

    Any feedback would be appreciated.

    (obviously there are lots of other variables...looking for general idea)

    Rob and Jeanne
    1989 Bayliner Avanti 2950
    Dual 302 OMC with Cobra Outdrives
    Delta, B.C. - Riverhouse Marina

    We have the same boat with a single v-8 Ford Cobra engine. If I keep the rpm's around 1600 I get the best mileage. When I hit 2000 rps and over then I just watch the gas gauge go down. We have a 120 gallon tank and use about 1/4 of a tank when motoring for 3 hours at 2000 rpm. Hope this helps. It really uses fuel. Having two engines would be more efficient but then it's twice the engine so don't know how you'd calculate that. Had no idea I'd be spending so much on gas, but at $4.00 a gallon at the marina pump it is a big expense.


      Factory spec on my old 3058 with twin 5.7s,
      you are probably looking at a bit under 30 GPH cruising @3500 RPM.
      Joon, Kathy, Jaden & Tristan
      Uniflite 42 AC, DD 671N
      93 3058 sold
      92 2855 (day boat)
      91 Fourwinns 205 (lake boat)
      Longbranch WA
      Life is Good


        Twin V8's? Figure 1 mpg unless you are 34' or longer. Then maybe 0.7 mpg.
        2007 Discovery 246
        300mpi BIII
        Welcome island Lake Superior