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    Fish lockers/livewell/scuppers-gctid398748

    On my trophy, I have noticed 3 things that may or may not be connected to one another. Hoping some one can shed light. I noticed while underway I get water in my livewell (that I believe is from the drain being below the waterline), water coming through the ball scuppers onto the deck when people are in the back, and my fish lockers filling up with water without turning on the pumps. The fish lockers may be filling from the scuppers letting water in. Just my theory. Any one else notice this? Solutions?

    Fishwells are most likely filling from the water coming in the scuppers. I put 1 1/2 wide 1/4 inch thick dense foam insulation ( the stuff from Lowes or home depot in the door insulation aisle) on mine and it stopped 99 % of the water from getting in the fishwells.

    The ball scuppers (Rabuds) some people here think they are Gods Gift to Trophys. I hated mine, Had to replace them every year cause the plastic covers would craze and crack. Could be cause of the intense cold here (-20 to - 40 at times) Plus the clacking drove me crazy. I like the regular flapper ones or they do make a inline flapper on. Unfortunatley with the year of your boat when you have too many people in the stern or equipment then you will get some water in through them. Nice thing is it just runs back out.

    I didn't have water come in the drain for the live well (mine was a 93 2002) But here again I did notice that if I left the seacock open I would get some through there as it blew through the pump. Plus most the water in my live well was from water coming down the side of the walk around and leaking past the lid.
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      Some of the smaller Trophy models have a very slight slope from the cockpit drain hole to the scupperss. This can create a problem with water re-entry through scuppers that are not sealing very good (most). It usually happens in rough water and if the stern sits low due to extra weight such as fish coolers full of ice. I do use rabud scuppers and I too have to replace them every three years but IMO they work very well. Another way to stop unwanted artesian water overspill from your scupper drains is to plug them temporarily when its not raining or rough water. I use a #7 beaker stopper with a screw into it for easy removal from the drain. These plugs fit perfect in 11/4" drain holes and will stop sea water re-entry through your scuppers.

      You must remember that when using them you have affectively deleted the bailing aspect of your cockpit and if heavy rain or overspill water enters your boat it will end up in your livewell, fishwell, bilge and possibly your cabin.

      So if you use plugs ALWAYS remember to remove in rain, rough water or when you leave your boat in the slip unattended.