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    4788 stinky ?-gctid817688

    The admiral is a live aboard. I split time with home and boat. Boats been in the water a few months now. No issue with smell. We have a Vacuflush system. Because she is a live aboard, They dump us weekly. Details are main state room can is out of order. It works but cycles not stop. I just haven't had time to deal with the seals. So we only use the guest head. As of late when she flushes the boat smells inside and out. We had guest onboard with a heavy uses weekend with no issue. Now it is acting up. What do I need to look at? Thank you for the help.
    jim and Anna 1994 4788 Refresh 310 Hinos

    Check the vent fitting on the exterior starboard side of the boat.

    These typically get clogged and keep the tank from venting properly.

    Next, check the holding tank vent filter.

    This is located behind a screwed panel below the bar sink

    Same panel gets removed to replace the jam nut for the vent fitting.

    Finally, use a good holding tank treatment.

    A deodorizer just masks the smell, use something like a scoop of oxiclean each pumpout or more often if needed
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      Hi Jim,

      I suggest you acquire Peggies book.

      Lots of good info in there.

      She used to post on the BOC until someone pissed her off and she left.

      Peggie and others profess that the stink from holding tanks is caused by a lack of ventilation.

      A plugged vent will propagate the wrong bugs and cause it to stink.

      She suggests adding an additional vent line forward to promote good airflow through the tank.

      I have this on my list but haven't got to it yet. but I've only had the boat 14 years so...

      Anyway as Cosmo suggests, Check your vent.

      Because you had a heavy usage weekend the tank may have been overfilled and plugged the vent line

      at the elbow at the top of the tank.

      I've posted these photos' before but here's my vent and elbow fitting. And replacement.



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        Thumbs up Peggy's book.