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    Engine bay construction-gctid817555

    Hi all,

    How are the the various support platforms/ bases constructed in the engine bay, I have noticed a few cracks in the surface finish, some are straight mainly on the box construction that supports the toilet waste water tank, but one is curved about 3-4 inches long on top of the port side engine support close to the mounting bracket, but the crack doesn't run from any of the bolts, or run from any edge to edge, it's in the middle of the support area.

    Is this something that I should get checked out, or is it just the top surface finish cracking as everything settles in.

    My knowledge of how this area is constructed, and the materials used is very limited, so any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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    That is more than likely just the bilge paint. It's a very thick (around 1/16?) coating that is smooth and white but will crack and flake off in chunks over time.
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