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    1983 bayliner Capri, not starting-gctid817364

    My 1983 bayliner I bought at the beginning of the summer has been great until last weekend. We were out on the lake for two days and on the second day the boat just stopped running after about an hour of tubing. We were sitting there in neutral when it happened. It seems like we ran out of fuel but I still had more than half a tank. I'm not familiar with boats this is my first and I'm just trying to get started somewhere. I'm thinking fuel pump, I took off the line going to the carburetor and and tried starting it and no fuel came up the line. Is this a good place to start? Replace? Another thing I've been calling around for parts and everyone is asking what motor I have. I thought it would be simple but I guess it's not, for me anyway, I know it's a Volvo inline 4 cyl. It says made in Sweden and the clutch cover was missing when I bought it so I don't know if it's a 270 or what. Other than the clutch cover missing it's a nice boat l, one owner it's whole life and I'm trying to keep it up and running for more years to come.

    Welcome to the BOC! We had an 83 Capri with the Volvo four and a 270 drive. Here is one of the websites that has the parts schematics and part numbers. You can probably find the engine model number on the valve cover. Before messing with the fuel pump, change the fuel filter. It usually restricts the flow so you have trouble accelerating first, but is the first place to look for a fuel problem. The diaphragm pumps don't usually stop working without causing a mess like pumping fuel somewhere where you don't want it. You can test the line from the tank with an outboard priming bulb type setup. Whatever you do, use marine parts only. There is a slight difference to reduce the chance of spillage or ignition.
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