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    Boat Blisters-gctid817246

    With the 3788 series boats were hull blister somewhat common? How many of you 3788 owners have found hull blisters??? Thanks

    There were small blister problems with a number of boat manufacturers gelcoat hulls due to a change in resin mostly observed between 1994 and 1996.

    Many including Bayliner went to a resin mix that utilized a specific polyester resin that had a very fast cure curve and looked very good in performance.

    Some of these gel coat hulls eventually experienced dimer or quarter sized blisters on the outer gelcoat especially exaggerated when in fresh water.

    At no time have I seen any of these boats experience 'real' problems other than these cosmetic blisters which could be numerous in some cases.

    The 3788 Bayliner was only produced between 1996 and 1999 so perhaps there was a 'feeling' that more of these had an issues but that is not the case and again I have never seen these blisters become an issue on a Bayliner gelcoat situation.

    Please note - there are cases of differing types of blisters in various boat brads both before and after this time frame that are completely different in their nature and severity.
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