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Macerator Operation on 2001 Ciera 2455-gctid816757

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  • Macerator Operation on 2001 Ciera 2455-gctid816757

    I've got a question on the Seacock position & the Macerator Switches at the Helm.

    The Helm switches appear to be "locked" - cannot toggle them. I presume this is because the Seacock is

    in the closed position, and, if I were to flip the Seacock, the switches would turn on the macerator pump.

    Can you verify this, and, provide step-by-step use of the Macerator pump system. How do you know when the waste water tank is emptied?

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    Most likely these 2 small 2 dollar switches is stuck due to seldom use, try and replace them.

    The seacock has no influence on the switches, remember both switches must be on at the same time to activate the pump, if the pump is stuck there is a slot in the rear end of the motorshaft, insert a screwdriver in the slot and try to free the pump by turning the shaft with the screwdriver and do check the fuse as well.

    You can hear the sound changes when the tank is empty, good luck:P
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      Ya, my switches were stuck too. Squirt a shot of WD-40 in them and see if you can get them loose, mine work fine now without replacement. this system is know to blow fuses, and the recommended fix is add a relay to power the pump. Give the pump a spin with a standard screwdriver to free it up before activating the switches, it may keep you from blowing a fuse, like Bigbryz said.
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        I thjink it would be weird for both switches to be "stuck" the same way? The manual says to turn on the Macerator Actuator Switch before using

        the pump. I'm wondering if the switch on the Seacock is the Actuator SW?


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          Agreed that the Seacock has no influence on the switch itself. The pump will still run when you throw the switches and the seacock is closed. you'll just hear it start to bog down with pressure. I have 2001 2455 and can attest to that. I too, inherited a boat that had stuck switches. I gave each one a firm (but not too firm) thump with my fist and they came loose. The unfortunate thing is, I learned that the pump was seized. The PO never used it apparently. I had a new pump installed and all works well.

          As for the process to discharge via pump:


          [li]Open seacock[/li]

          [li]Make sure house battery is on[/li]

          [li]Press both switches and let the proverbial poop fly[/li]

          2001 Bayliner Ciera 2455


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            I'll try pushing harder on the switches. I was told the M-Pump was just replaced.

            So, a couple last questions:

            What is the Electrical connection for at the Seacock, then?

            I'm assuming the open position is indicated by the lever inline with the hose., and, closed is at 90 degrees?


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              It is a ground wire. 90 degrees is closed, parallel is open. I believe the coasties want that safety wired shut.
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                "aluxury1" post=817056 wrote:
                It is a ground wire.
                2001 Bayliner Ciera 2455