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(39)98 2452 sink pump problem-gctid816658

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    (39)98 2452 sink pump problem-gctid816658

    Was running the sink water on my '98 2452 when the galley floor (carpet) started getting soaked, checked the cupboard below the microwave, it is damp, looks like I'll need to pull the microwave to get at the pump(?) The water did not appear till I ran the galley sink faucet.



    The pump is not behind the microwave, at least not on my 1999 model. Only things back there are the water inlet and sink drain tubing. If you have water running onto the cabin floor, most likely you've got a crack or loose clamp on the inlet or drain tubing (or the faucet itself could be leaking through worn out seals on the on/off knobs). The water pump is under the cockpit floor on the starboard side, right next to the fresh water tank.
    Larry Purcell
    1999 2452 Classic
    Merc 5.0L, Alpha 1 Gen 2
    San Diego, CA


      I have an 02 and the pump sits on top of the FW tank in the FWD end of the engine "room". Not sure where yours would be. However I noticed the other day that the plastic through hull fitting for my sink drain was split outside the hull. The fitting sits about 5 inches above the waterline and is in a perfect spot to get dinged on a dock corner. About half of the outside the hull part was gone. On Sunday when I pulled her out of the water I noticed that the exterior of the through hull is gone and I can see the inside part of the fitting and threads from outside...

      I guess it rubbed on the dock and broke the rest of the way. That could also cause water either from the drain itself or the ocean/lake you are floating in to make the main cabin deck wet.

      I figured out to change the fitting I can take out the main power panel and get at it from there without removing the base cabinet.

      Anyway good luck.

      Cheers Dave