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    Coil and condenser question-gctid816484


    1986 capri Volvo aq131 /275.Engine cranking and getting what looks like a weak spark at plugs but won't start. I've replaced points, wires and (very expensive) cap.

    Condenser is in a very difficult place so I haven't replaced it because I read that a bad one wouldn't prevent a start, just reduce like of points.Is this correct? Also read that the coil usually works or it doesn't, so it wouldn't cause the weak spark.

    Any insights would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks in advance.

    Forgot to mention, I'm getting spark from distributor wire as well, just doesn't seem that strong.


      My experience with a bad condenser was on a 66 Impala but I doubt there is any difference between a car or boat in this instance. It would start as normal and idle just fine. Just wouldn't rev up past 1000 RPM or so. All components of a point ignition system must be working well to produce a good spark. Do a good tune up and that should include a new condenser, points, cap and rotor. If you still have a weak spark the focus on plug wires, specifily the coil wire.
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        It sounds like you have replaced everything in the primary circuit that could be replaced (and not an original 30 year old part) except the coil. It would be money well spent to get a new, marine approved, oil-filled coil. If you still have problems it might not be the spark, but the fuel.

        On another site I noticed that these engines (at least the AQ 130) have no choke. This means starting characteristics vary, depending on the temperature, humidity, etc. In other words, touchy. There's some learning there that other folks on the BOC forum might speak to.


          Also read that the coil usually works or it doesn't,
          That might usually be the case so maybe I'm the outlier. I had a 331 Hemi in a Mandella flat bottom that would start easily and idle fine right up to 1000 rpm. Anything above that the engine would just sputter, cough and die. Turns out the coil was bad and after replacing it the engine ran great!

          I had a lot of fun in that boat when in my early twenties. A V-drive with no neutral or reverse, you had better be pointed in the direction you wanted to go when you lit it off!
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