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    In May I re powered with a rebuilt 454, 7.4 had lots of power but could not get it to stop pinging no matter what we done after about 10 hrs on engine we called the rebuild shop and he said "use higher octane gas", we was using 90 octane the highest the docks sell, so I got octane booster and still pinging somewhat, with engine hatch closed and running you could not hear the pinging.

    At 20 hrs #4 piston blew a hole in it.

    After research the pistons installed they were a high dome made for a 1/4 mile dragster, the engine had 10.2 compression.

    The builder knew it was for a 2859 Bayliner boat and should have known better than to build an engine like that, IMHO

    After getting it redone with flat pistons I have lots of power and so far after 50 hrs no problems.

    I ask the rebuilder if it was under warranty he said "no because it wasn't his fault", even after not telling us this engine needed to burn aviation gas.

    I'm don't know anything about engines except they produce power but I had my grandson with me and he is a very good mechanic he had knew something wasn't right. He jetted the carb and even drilled the jets out to get more fuel, still no solution. He was on the phone with his machinist in Spokane and the final word from him was Dragster Engine not boat engine.

    Does anyone thing I have any legal recourse? It would sure be nice to get some $$$ back.



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    Customer without mechanical knowledge comes into a shop and contracts for an engine to be rebuilt/replaced.

    The shop specifies to deliver an engine not suitable for this purpose nor is it like the one it replaced. After all work has been completed customer identifies warning signs. Business instructs the customer to take an unregulated action that does not satisfy the issue.

    Serious failure occurs.


    The statements above would favor the customer in my opinion. A shop should have never built and engine this way for this purpose. kind of a rookie mistake.

    It seems the engine rebuilder is/was not familiar with the types of loads place on a marine engine. Does this shop typically do marine engine rebuilding or automotive engine rebuilding?

    In either case they should have known better. Even if you had requested the engine to be delivered this way to be used for this purpose, you would hope they would have saved you from yourself and set you straight or at least had you signoff on a "no warranty wavier".

    Transporting and transferring aviation gas on to a dock could not be considered a viable solution and may not even be allowable in most places with those volumes.

    Hopefully they will be graceful with such an incident but often it may involve litigation. Yuck!

    If so, the best thing you could have is a proposal or contract for the work stating they were building an engine for this purpose and proof of what they built. Also, proof of you questioning the pre-ignition issue. I would think that should favor your situation, it might depend what your into them for whether it's worth it...

    Sounds like a big hassle...
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      In legalese: This comes under Uniform Commercial code as---"Warranty of fitness for intended purpose".

      Get an attorney.....
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        Sorry to hear this skeeter Perhaps your insurance company needs to contact his insurance company. Sounds like you've got the "proof" of an improper build for marine use, keep all your documentation.
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          Are you located in Washington State or is just the machine shop in Washington?
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