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Walk thru windshield brace on 2855-gctid398514

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    Walk thru windshield brace on 2855-gctid398514

    My windshield was open during some high winds and got slammed shut. Thankfully the glass did not break, but the windshield brace foot did.

    I have been trying to find some direct replacement lengths in an aftermarket part, but have been unsuccessful. I have found the replacement part that I need http://, but it is for an 1/2 inch diameter support tube. It appears that the OEM diameter on my 2000 2855 is either 3/4 inch.

    Does anyone have a source for the brackets that fit a 3/4 inch tube?

    There are several types out there. Taylor and Attwood make them. Usually, the brace is of a smaller diameter.

    When you see the larger diameter, you're usually talking about Bimini top tube and hardware. This would probably work out for you.


      Try here:
      Port: Sassafras River Georgetown, MD Bayliner 2000 2855 7.4


        Thanks for the advice. Bayliner appears to love their 7 inch windshield brace at $47/piece. Subsequently, i think I will go with a cut to fit kit at $8.34/piece.

        Sea Dog Windshield Brace Kit 324310-1

        Hard to believe that bayliner does not sell just the bracket mount. Plastic piece that is exposed to UV rays for 12 years is bound to get a little brittle and need replacing!