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    Bayliner 2150 Capri project-gctid815672

    1986 Bayliner Capri CudiCab 2150 Restoration:

    After many attempts of online searching for what is the best way to handle any and all boating questions that I have, I now turn to the help of a forum for active communication. I currently own a 1986 Bayliner Capri Cudi Cab 2150. The boat has been in my family since 86' and has seen better days since sitting at my parents without any use for 10years in the Southern Florida weather. I have had a few other boats myself prior, but i'm sentimental about this one and would like to bring it back to life. I am a mechanic by trade so working on the Chevy/Volvo Penta conversion won't be a problem for me. Whats currently holding me back is the knowledge to decide whether the hull is still structurally sound.

    The floor boards from the cabin back were removed by my father a few years back. He became ill after starting the project, since then the boat has remained as is. Any and all info anyone may have to offer on what to look for to determine if this project will be a safe one once I am finished would be much appreciated. If anyone needs anymore info, ill be more than happy to correspond and give all that I know. I will be taking pictures of the boat itself as well to upload on here, since that appears to be an option. Thank you all for your time and consideration to help.

    My best,


    Hello. I have a Capri I am restoring. I'm having trouble with finding enties on this site about others who have done similiar work.

    Did you get any response to your post? How do I use this site?


      I have an 88' Capri cuddy and think the lines of that girl are still nice lines. Originally had a 5.0L and now has a 5.7L. Love the little extra power. Do as you want to do and don't let anyone change your course.
      1988 Capri Cuddy 1950 OMC 5.7