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    Shore power switches-gctid815589

    I am new owner of a 2000 ciera 2855. Im confused about the shore switches. There are 2 of them line one and line 2. Should they be on or off during docking and when shore plug is plugged in.

    What gets switched on or off when u unplug and go on engine power? Also there is a transfer switch attached to switch number 2. I have no idea what it is for.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated..

    New boater.

    I leave my "on boat' switches on all the time. When I'm taking the boat for a cruise, I shut the power off at the distro box on the dock.
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      Does it matter if line one and two stay on or get swithced to off?


        "curley" post=815649 wrote:
        Does it matter if line one and two stay on or get swithced to off?
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        OK..... you will have a main circuit breaker at each panel.

        Or.... if this is a single but divided panel, you may see a main breaker for Line 1 and Line 2 of the panel.

        Each Main Breaker will act as circuit protector and as a switch!

        In my opinion, we should be in the habbit of turing the Main Circuit Breaker OFF in the absence of S/P.

        Same would be true of each individual circuit breaker..... but would be optional.

        Now, if you were to use the transfer switch to remove the S/P supply and go on-line with Generator or Inverter power, then you will want to leave the appropriate main breaker ON![/color][/size]
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          Line 2 Transfer Switch (Dual Shore Power)

          When only one dockside outlet is available, you can use the "Line 2 Transfer Switch" to provide power to both lines .

          When using the "Line 2 Transfer Switch" do not exceed 30 total amps.
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