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    Finally Got The Boat Out-gctid815117

    I launched April 22nd. Every day off I had since then it seems that the wind was blowing in the 20 MPH range. For me a bit to windy to head out as I am still learning the handling characteristics of my 3007.

    Yesterday (Monday) was the Detroit/Windsor Freedom Festival Fireworks on the Detroit River. I really wanted to go but the winds were in the 15 to 25 MPH range so I was sitting dockside hoping they would subside. Finally at 8 PM the winds did subside and I headed out.

    Of course many boat trips start at the fuel dock. I topped off my tanks pumping in 41 gallons of liquid gold totaling $172.00.

    Gas is quite a bit higher priced in Gibraltar when compared to Bolles Harbor. It's about 80 cents a gallon more there.

    Here we are leaving the marina headed to the fuel dock.

    You can see the water is very calm hardly a ripple.

    After fueling up we headed up-river towards Detroit. We should have left a half hour earlier. We were about a mile or slightly under south of the Ambassador Bridge when the fireworks started. We decided to watch them from there. About half way through the program it started to rain and rain rather moderately. We decided to start back towards home.

    Since it was now dark I throttled up to about 1400 RPM. If I hit something I was hoping to minimize damages. I could not believe just how many boats were headed downriver at cruising speeds. We did see one boat being towed downriver and into their marina. Hopefully it was a breakdown and not a collision with an unseen object.

    We puttered our way south arriving back at my marina about 11:30 PM. All in all, except for the rain it was a nice first cruise of the season. Hopefully more cruising to come. Hoping to get back out on the river Wednesday afternoon.
    Rick Grew

    2022 Tahoe T-16

    2004 Past Commodore
    West River Yacht & Cruising Club

    I have my Trophy 2359 up in St. Clair Shores at Miller Marina and always wanted to watch the Detroit Fire Works from the water. Only thing keeping me was the craziness headed back. The winds have been crazy this week. Well if you are ever up near Lake St Clair I'm usually on channel 80 Trophy Hunter. This Friday is SCS and Metro Beach are having Fireworks.
    2004 Trophy 2359
    5.7 liter Carb
    15 hp Merc Kicker


      In the past when I went to watch the fire works by boat I always dropped anchor and stayed the night. As the first time I went there was just to much traffic and too many drunks driving there boats too high a speed for my comfort zone!!!

      I try and not run at night anymore then I have to. Too many crazies out there!!

      Be Safe and enjoy your boat!

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      1976 Tahiti 16.5 I/O (sold)
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