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Back to basics.... it did come full circle after all.-gctid814430

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    Back to basics.... it did come full circle after all.-gctid814430

    Hello All,

    its been a rough year in boating for me... the motor in my Contessa ended up needing to come out for a valve job. It sat disassembled when an opportunity for a 3058 popped up... so I sold the 2850, bought the 3058 and took delivery. Sitting back I realized that at this point in my life I didn't have the time to dedicate to the 3058 service wise etc... felt like a fool but have put it up for sale.

    As I'm sitting and talking with the wife she says---"you remember our Saratoga?" I said yep--- "great boat!". She says---"we had that for 10 seasons, partied our azz off on it... went everywhere on it and enjoyed the heck out of it". Then we sold it in 2010 using an "excuse" that it used too much gas... bought a 21' Star Craft Islander Cuddy with a 120 hp Mercruiser 4 cylinder... but it wasn't the same.

    So I went looking and found the following and have purchased it and for the first time in awhile I felt a connection to it... wife is pleased and in the end we both said---its all we ever needed. Maybe we start the climb back up to a bigger boat once the kids clear college but for now this is "gonna work" Pics are of the original 1978 Saratoga and the "new" 1984 Ciera--both basically 25' , both with small block Chevies and Volvo Pentas.. The Saratoga had a 260 hp 350.... the Ciera a 225 hp 305.


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    Well the 225 is an easy fix....yank it, sell it, and throw a 260 or more in there.

    Congrats on the 2450. The Command Bridge boats are relatively rare.
    Matt Train
    BOC Site Team
    Chicagoland, IL