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  • 2012 175 BR question-gctid813420

    Hi all,

    I have a 2012 175 BR that I bought last year. Great little boat that's a ton of fun. I'm having an issue with the engine continuing to roll over for up to 20-30 seconds at time when I kill the engine. It's the worse when I've gone from fast to slow and turned off the engine without letter the boat idol for a while (which I don't do anymore). Anyway just wanted to see if anyone experienced this with their boats and if you have any remedies. Thanks in advance for your help/advice.

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    Dieseling or run on can be caused by low octane gas. If you haven't tried it yet run premium or an octane booster. There is a tsb from mercruiser regarding this, I'm sure someone will post it or can try searching for it. But cheapest and easiest thing to try is switching fuel.


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      I run my 185 with super and have no problem..but I let it idling at least 1 minutes coming from planning speed. If less than that it does it sometime.

      You might want to try if you need to turn off the engine fast to leave it in gear while shutting it down


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        Last year using regular unleaded fuel plus gas additives and marine stabil, I would "diesel" after a hard run....pulling tubes....since switching to premium, still adding the same gas addetibe as well as the same marine stabil, no more "dieseling"
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          Make sure your idle is at spec. Too fast makes the run on worse. Use better gas if you are pulling stuff or cruising high speed for a while.
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