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    Insurance Advice if You Keep Kayaks on Your Boat-gctid813419

    A good friend keeps two nice kayaks on his boat. They cost around $2500 each. Last year one of the kayaks was stolen and when he filed his claim with his insurance company they denied the claim because he had not insured the kayaks separately. He had assumed they would be covered under his "personal property" coverage. Nope.

    Intrigued, I checked with my Underwriter and was informed that we can include the value of a dinghy with the hull value of the boat/yacht, but that kayaks are not considered an integral part of the boat and each kayak should have its own boat policy. I'm writing my friend's insurance right now and in fact each kayak has its own HIN and I wrote a policy for each one.

    Theoretically your homeowners insurance might cover the theft of a kayak, but many homeowners insurance policies have deductibles of $1,000 or more. The kayak policies can have very low deductibles (I used $100) and are very inexpensive. Additionally, many companies will raise your premiums or even cancel your homeowners insurance based on claims frequency so it is not a good idea to file small claims on most homeowners insurance policies.

    This is a good question to ask your insurance agent if you keep kayaks or jetskis on your boat. Better to know in advance than to get a nasty surprise in the future.

    Good to know. I keep my kayak on my boat frequently and just assumed it would be covered as my "tender" which is the purpose of having it on there.
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      I was advised similarly and don't keep ours any length of time on the boat for that reason.
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        I have the cheap $300 kayaks from Costco. I figure I get a better workout carrying them and using them versus a high speed one.

        Also, I used a credit card to purchase them that extends warranty and covers theft. I believe they have to be locked for them to be covered. I have a friend whose mountain bike was stolen, locked to a tree, and the credit card insurance company paid for it after a police report was filed.

        Check your credit cards for ones that have extra features, plus you get 1.5 % back too!
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