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    Curious about new cost-gctid813303

    Hello fellow Bayliner owners. I own a 2000 model 2858 that we purchased about two years ago and wonder if anyone knows what the MSRP was for this boat when it was brand spanking new? Thanks.

    Go to and input the information on your boat.

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      Base model no trailer was 69k.

      Current value 19k.

      Market varies wildly depending on area of country. And if you take it north of the border it mysteriously doubles in value even though the dollar is only down 25%.

      I have the same year 2859. For comparison msrp was 64k and current value is 15k. Up where I'm at the 2859 sells for much more than blue book because it rarely stops raining and it's always cold.
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        Yup base model standard power was about 70K.
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