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    New element owner / fuel pump question-gctid813159

    Hello everyone,

    Just bought a new element 16 from a lady who won the boat from the price is right. the boat has zero hours and camecw the fuel pump in a bag. Question is how and where do I connect? Do I need too since the motor is fuel injected? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

    Do you mean the fuel primer pump that is fitted prior to the motor? If so, you probably don't need it. I know that for the 115hp motor that is also fuel injected the manual says not to have one. That motor has an electric pump. Switch ignition on for a few seconds before starting.

    I suggest you check the Mercury site for a manual just to confirm but i don't think it should be installed.
    Peter Walter-Smith
    Riverport of Goolwa, South Australia
    2014 Bayliner Element XL
    115HP Mercury EFI


      when I got my element XL with the 115 I was surprised that it did not have a fuel bulb. I checked with Bayliner since I thought that they "forgot" to install it during manufacture (even my Yamaha F300 has one). But bayliner explained that for engines above 75HP (or was it 60?), Mercury does not require them. Given the nature of fuel injection, it makes sense not to need one. The engine starts up every time, no drama, even after sitting for a few weeks......


        My Element 60hp Bigfoot was in storage since mid October 2016. Two days ago, I turn the key for less than a second and it started just as it would have if it was running ten minutes before. I let it warm up for ten minutes. Just wanted to burn what was in the engine and start using gas from the tank. I launched the Element and it's now moored at my dock for the season.

        No priming bulb nor manual choke. Just turn the key and let it run a bit for the first time in the season to see if any alarms or issues will come up. If the engine water pump is shooting water out in a steady stream, you're ready to go.

        Parry Sound, Ontario Canada
        2014 Bayliner Element with Mercury 60 HP EFI Big Foot OB
        12 foot aluminum fishing boat