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  • This is how to take a motor out-gctid812837

    Well, if you have NO plans of ever getting the boat to float again that is. This is my donor boat that I bought from Craigslist. I needed parts off the motor and I am keeping the outdrive as a spare. I didn't want to monkey around with it anymore than I needed to. The transom was completely rotten, the wood fell apart like paper, the saw went through it like it wasn't even there. Good reminder to really look over any potential purchases. Some people are not as honest as you would like them to be.

    Next week it goes to the dump. Thank god they take it for free.

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    Good morning!

    Take It To The Dump?

    Your lucky if you can do that! Here you have to have a Hazmat crew and pay to have it removed!!!

    Good Luck!

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      We are very lucky they take them. They told me they would take any size as long as it had no liquids in it. This is as big as I would try. It took a lot to make this compliant.


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        Looks like a good candidate to test every boat hull cleaning product/method known to man!


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          I but if you'd wipe that down with some Leprechaun Magic polish, liquid nail a piece of plywood to the transom (treated with some Thompson's Water Seal of course) and hung an old broke 20 horse outboard on it, you could get at least 20 grand for it up here in Alaska, maybe even 25 if you've got some old electronics you can throw on floor.
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