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  • 4588 water under port tank-gctid812764

    Well this is a great site!! We have just purchased our third Bayliner, 1989 4588 and we have a problem that I haven't seen before. It is fresh water, under the port fuel tank, seems the previous owner was aware of the leak. Heavy rain, and a little will show up! I know I have to get the water out of there, but I am wondering if anyone has encountered this leak before? I wonder if it is from the port scupper drain?? Does any one have a clue to this problem? Also I am finding out that our holding tank, Tank-watch, does not seem to work! Oh boy!!! An help would helpful. Thanxs.

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    On a boat that old there are lots and lots of places that can leak. The port scupper would be a good place to start. It's also possible that you have a leak where the superstructure meets the hull behind the rubber rubrail.

    In the case of the holding tank it's most likely the sensor has stoped working. You can test by taking the connections off and touching them together to see if the alarm goes off. I got quoted a pretty high rate to replace the sensor (tank location and the entire mess that it entails). I just learned that for us 17 person days aboard would generate a full tank. Yours may vary due to your crew and diet, but I keep track of how many days aboard and plan accordingly.
    Yep, my 4588 Bayliner IS my happy place :whistle: