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    hi all

    has anyone had any dealings in buying a documented vessel that had a lein against it. the lein was paid off in 2002 , but somewhere along the way the uscg , didnt get it or didnt process it. so as of now, the owner cant sell it,cant undocument it cant do a bill of sale on it . and i cant title it in minnesota while it is a documented vessel......any ideas guys......

    thanks for any help


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    Either come up with the documentation the lien was paid or have the original lien holder sign off on it for CG
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      I have had liens put on property.I was not obligated to keep those records after i signed off.If owner cant find release papers,dont buy the boat under any conditions .It will be a long process for him.


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        Sounds like another good reason not to document a vehicle.
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          I just went through this with my boat I bought last year. The lien was payed off in 1998 but the owner didn't have the documentation. When went to transfer he documentation with the USCG I needed to have the PO contact the bank and send a notorized lien release to me. It all worked out but for a loan that long ago I took some time but banks will have that paperwork eve 20 years old...IF the bank is still around.


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            Green, I disagree. If I were to buy a boat that wasn't documented, just state titled and learned of the lien trying to change the title, guess who pays? The documentation process, IMO, conducts that title search prior to purchase similar to the way a survey of the boat does.

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