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    Wickus(39) Circumnavigation of Shaw Island-gctid398105

    Wickus historically spends the last few days of it's voyage at Rosario to decompress and get some sun and pizza. We mixed it up this year and started our trip out there on June 30. We were out of Bellingham by 10:30 and in backed into our slip by noon. The water was perfect, but we were nosing into fog the entire trip over. Just as we'd get into the mist, it would fade, and we would look down the channel to the next bank, yet it would fade as we nosed in. I was prepared to take a slow passage, but we made cruising speed the whole time. Since Rosario went private, they have really started to take care of the grounds. They spent a cool million here this year, and it is starting to show. They've never had a spinkler system. Seems like a no-brainer for nice grounds. The two outside pools are open, the indoor is almost ready to be re-cemented; new pool inside when they are done. The grill and store are still minimal, with one exception. Liquor! Island prices, but you don't need to scoot out for Friday Harbor or shuttle to East Sound when you go dry. I maintain that you can't get a better pizza in the San Juans than at the grill. They do it how you like. We even brought a topping from the boat; they lopped it on and baked it. Terry is still the harbor master, and is a good one. Great staff, attentive to needs and wants. He built a very large circular fire pit this year between the ramp and the pool in the shape of a compass rose. He built a hot fire every night we were there. Sunday ended up being better than advertised, so we hiked up to Cascade Lake. It is a 'good' hike, but worth every step. Beautiful, and we will do it again. (I don't know why we've never done it in the 25 years we've been going there) We spent the afternoon at the pool over a six-pack of mexican pops. ( they have a lovely don't ask, don't tell policy at the pool. )

    We had such a nice time we stayed an extra day. The forcast for Monday night was SCA and 4 footers through Tuesday AM. Vicki was worried, so when she woke up at 5 am, she thought it was appropriate to wake me and announce that we were leaving right then. NOT. The SCA had been updated to begin at 11am Tuesday. We pulled lines at 8 and were at Friday Harbor by 9 and tied up at the breakwater until our slips opened up. Some friends has also came in early, so we ran into town and had a great breakfast. The SCA arrived on schedule, so it was a ****tshow watching everyone slot in. Got hit, has some close calls, but by 12, 4 our of the 5 boats we were 4th'ing with were tied up. Lets see, The Bellingham contigency had 5 boats. IBNW had 4. What is up with that?

    Friday Harbor was Friday Harbor. Way too much good food, lots of beverages, lots of laughs and good conversation, and 70ish weather for 3 days. The fireworks were OK.

    Friday, most people were done with Friday Harbor, but 4 of the 5 ran the 30 minutes to Deer Harbor for one more night of Sun and Merriment. There were lots of familiar boats there, and the dock talk flowed until well after sunset.

    An easy breakfast Saturday with all, and then we were off again, this time to separate ways. We waved goodbye to our friends as we entered Wasp Channel, and took an easy jaunt back to Bellingham, stopping to watch folks fish in Obstruction Pass. Again, we had perfect water and sun. We reclaimed the house today from the pets and mowed/shaved/cleaned our way to just now, where we are sharing a pitcher of Mango Margaritas. The boat is ready for next time, the linens are clean folded.

    We are gratetful, yes remorseful that it is done. Until next time~
    Tally and Vicki
    "Wickus" Meridian 341
    MMSI 338014939

    Dang! We were going to go to Rosario on friday but we were on the water with no cell coverage, we settled on Friday Harbor for the end of the week.

    We didnt want to run nearly all the way there only to find no room at the inn. Maybe next time!


      We are at Rosario now enjoying the pool and everything...

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      Doug ;}
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        Double dang!