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    Which Bayliners make good refurbish/resale candidates-gctid811737

    Interested in thoughts on what models/sizes you think are good fix/resale candidates? What might be an older model that has a large price delta between rough and good condition that could be a good restoration?
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    Truly - none.

    If you arte just looking at it as a potential business I would suggest sports cars ....YMMV
    Northport NY


      Ones that aren't rotten. The reality if you want to rebuild / restore one most likely won't make money. It would be only out of a labor of love. Maybe im wrong but i doubt that there are any bayliners that are collectables or of investment quality. The boating would say that's like collecting/ restoring pintos or Vegas or maybe chevettes.

      I have 2- 32 foot conquests. Consecutive serial #'s hull #'s 22 and #23 both from the same year and both from the same factory in Arlington Washington. The fact is no one cares. I think it's kind of cool but give neither any value. I'm pretty sure I'm the only one in the world with 2 consecutive conquests. No one's breaking the door down to get them.

      I think any boat you like and enjoy the styling of would be a good one to buy and a good rebuild.. Just don't think of it as an investment I'm pretty sure you won't make any money only enjoyment of your time.
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        If you find a steel from a widow and it is in better than good shape, then maybe you can spend a little spit and polish and break even.

        Too many old boats for sale, you would make more money working for someone that does repair work if you are good at it.

        If you want a boat for yourself, then you will have a labor of love.
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          I was able to make about 1000 off my 1989 trophy that I bought for 13000 and sold for 25000. But that was just the parts and electronics. Labour time involved was worth nothing really. The boat was probably about 35000 if you were able to charge for your Labour.

          The boat I'm working on now is a 2859 and I'm doing a major rebuild incl new transom, stringers and fuel tank. Pretty much rebuild or replaced everything else also. If I was to add up what I spent it would be around 50000. Not incl all the Labour time. Would never get the money back from that I'm sure. But it's a Labour of love.

          If it burns fuel, floats or wears a skirt it will cost you money you will never see again!
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            Absolutely none.

            Boats are money pits that continually depreciate from day one.

            They have zero collectors value.

            Now, some of those old wooden Chriscrafts I've seen listed for sale for 49-50k, but that doesn't mean they sold for that much. And, I imagine even if you value your labor at only $10 hour you would spend more to restore one of those old wooden boats.

            Stick to the stock market and real estate if you want to make money.
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              Sad to say I agree. No Bayliner will be a collectors item.

              Now, there are plenty of models that are "worth it" from a low price/refurbish ratio, and/or their market desirability. A classic case in point would be green's 2859. Hardtop single engine 28 footer with an optional Alaskan Bulkhead. Just try to find another boat that offers that.

              Another would be a 2850 Contessa. Assuming you can buy it cheap and upgrade it reasonably, you could concievably come close to breaking even even on a repower.

              But most of the boats will be a labor of love at best. I am on the record as saying if someone finds me a clean, original bright red 1986 2550 Ciera with an AQ260 and a 290 drive, I will throw STUPID money at that in terms of buying and repower/refurbish....but that's because it would be an emotional purchase for me.
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                then I have a 2859 for you! with the Alaskan bulkhead. custom built better than factory with a ton of custom options,,,,,,,,,,,,,,with labour and parts,,,,,only 60000!lol.........with a new 496!
                1995 2859 -extensively rebuilt/restored 2016/17
                496 big block - Bravo ll leg
                The Doghouse
                Prince George BC


                  I am sorry , but to me it is a labor of love. Mine is a 1988 2655 wide body. It is like all boats at times a money pit. If you can't afford a boat and normal wear and tear don't start. I would never change my learning curve experience or labor of love. I survived by using what the BOC members like Rick and many others has to offer EXPERIENCE and KNOWLEDGE. Garchar
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                    +1^^^ without the posts from builderdude,fritzman and others, I would not have even started the projects I'm into now. The boat I have now is our forever boat..........hopefully. without being hands on we could never have afforded to pay to do all the work I have done to this point and I'm no where near done yet with all the stuff I want to do. It's great to learn from others and to be learning new things........and savings thousands on Labour not expecting to be able to make any money down the road selling this one.
                    1995 2859 -extensively rebuilt/restored 2016/17
                    496 big block - Bravo ll leg
                    The Doghouse
                    Prince George BC