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    2252 fuel burn-gctid811289

    Does anyone know approximate fuel burn of a 2252 hardtop? I have a 4.3 mercruiser in mine and I'm looking for approximate range and sweet spot as far as fuel burn. . Lmk thanks



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        Any idea on fuel burn????


          "Ericp44" post=811415 wrote:
          Any idea on fuel burn????
          That's loaded question. It depends on how you load the boat, your ability to trim it out while underway, and what condition your engine is in. It would be difficult for someone to give you an exact figure. I'm only guessing, but think you should be able to get around 3mpg, depending on wind, waves and current.

          If you want to be able to tweak your boat for economy, suggest you get a fuel consumption monitor. That way you can adjust your profile and speed as you monitor your consumption. I have one connected to my Garmin chartplotter, so I get that information in a number of configurations.
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            Capt. is right. You should be close to 10 GPH in a boat that light. (I'm old school and translate to gallons per Hour vs Miles per gallon - we never used to know how many miles we traveled) The trick in finding the sweet spot (assuming you pop on plane without any difficulty) is how the boat is loaded: the weight distribution. Do you have trim tabs on the 2252?

            In the absence of a fuel consumption monitor, take the boat out and run a predetermined course at a speed about 300 RPM above planing speed. Like from the flagpole in front of the clubhouse on the shore, to the dock with the set ski on it, at 2600 RPM. Exactly how long did that take?

            Run it with tabs completely retracted. Then run it again with two "clicks" of tab. Any change in the running time? The faster you go, the quicker your running time, the easier the boat is working. If you don't have any tabs, take some load (like your wife or 200# fishing buddy) and compare your times with the weight in the back of the boat and the weight all the way forward.

            Some science: once you have the boat on plane, your most efficient set-up is having the thrust directed exactly at the center of gravity of the boat. Pushing the boat above that point shoves the bow down and you plow too much water. Obviously, when you thrust below the center of gravity you are raising the bow, again, plowing some water - just farther under the hull. The difference between good and not-so could be as high as 20% of your fuel consumption if you seriously MAL-distribute the weight.

            After you find the sweet spot, keep careful records of your running time and fuel top-offs and calculate your own GPH.

            Happy boating.


              About 3mpg on plane.

              Betcha I'm not too far off on this.....
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                I got about 2mpg on mine with a new V8. 330 hp vortec motor with 4bl edelbrock.

                Thru hull exhausts and not babying the throttle usually cruising at 4000 rpm because it sounded so sweet.

                I got 1mpg on the old motor. It was a 2bl V8 put in by the previous owner whom said he was a mechanic. Topped out at 32mph with that.

                That hardtop doesn't help with weight or aerodynamics, but it's sure was nice for the crappy weather we gave up here 10-11 months of the year.
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