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this is the s%t!!!-gctid397891

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    this is the s%t!!!-gctid397891

    first night on the hook with the generator.... and this is everything that i have been missing!

    had a nice dinner... a few cocktails... tv is working.. batteries are charged... laptop and phone are charged and the fridge is cs as hell. if you have been considering a honda - DO IT!!

    thanks for the information and for opening up a whole new experience all !!!!

    Congrats on the discovery of Honda generators!!
    Doug ;}
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      That's what we are all here for, to help you spend your money !

      (and between you and I, you did put it in the engine compartment......correct ?)
      " WET EVER "
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        dktool wrote:
        That's what we are all here for, to help you spend your money !

        (and between you and I, you did put it in the engine compartment......correct ?)
        Isn't that where it goes? Along with my extra gas can

        Dean, I can hear you fine but I still can't see you!

        Ddog,,,,,how much do you find that you're running it? And is it about the size of a sewing machine?




          dktool wrote:
          That's what we are all here for, to help you spend your money !

          (and between you and I, you did put it in the engine compartment......correct ?)
          Right beside the gas can, makes it easier to refill. :hypnotysed:

          300SD all options sold.


            i have not stayed up this late in years. it is awesome walking around in knee deep water with NO worries at all about power. this generator has opened up a whole new world to me. Sarah - i have it set to eco mode so it only draws what it needs. batteries are all charged... on even though i am not watching it. cell is charged as well as the laptop and the stereo is thumping. (all by myself so not annoying anyone) . still on the first tank since 1030 this morning. Eggs toast and coffee is ready to go for morning ...... especially since i can run the fridge!


              You have any picts of the installation?


                On the swim platform?


                  Since buying the 2454 and the EU2000, I have done 60 overnight anchorouts. There are some on this board who are against it, because of the CO possibility. All it takes is a bit of common sense.

                  A bit of background for that statement. As many of you know, I was in the CG auxiliary for 26 years, and I was also a member of the Central Florida Boating safety council.

                  The few CO deaths we have had in this area were attributed to operator error and/ot an improper installtion. And, believe it or not, the majority of incidents involved a built-in marine grade genny.

                  My recommendations:

                  1. THINK!!!!!

                  2. Have aboard, and in working condition a MARINE CO monitor. The "home" monitors are too sensitive and will give a lot of false alerts. Had 1 incident where it was removed from the boat becasue of this. Luckily for the occupants, someone got a headache and shut down the genny.

                  3. Anchor so the wind flows to the stern.

                  4. Have the genny tested by a compitant genny technician. The mufflers/manifolds/water separators can corrode and leak CO into the boat, big-time.

                  5. If in a group, which is what out club does on anchorouts, have an agreement--if any CO monitor goes off, the whole group is alerted and investigate. There were 3 incidents (death) which were attributed to someone elses genny--usually someone else in your group (read- friends)

                  6. If you get monitor alerts, separate into 2 or 3 smaller groups.

                  7. Again, THINK

                  I have never had MY CO monitor alert from my Honda, but I will shut down and investigate if it does.

                  As for what I do. There are two places we overnight at anchor. The winds are very predictable in this part of Florida: fron the East quandrant. I anchor using bow and stern anchors, with the bow toward the east +/-. I can put the Honda on the platform or on the bow w/o problems.

                  Another thing, My honda uses about 1/8 GPH average overnight running my air, charger, and fridge.

                  M friends built-in Onan uses 1 GPH. Therefore, in theroy, he is creating 8 times the CO I am....

                  At Silver Glen Springs, in a weekend, there may be between 40 and 75 boats anchored out. In Florida air conditioning is noit an option, its a mecessity for overnighting. If you multiply this by 52 weeks, and again over the 20 yeard I have been going there, thats a lot of boat-anchorout-nights. I have only heard of two incidents, and one was from a built-in genny and the victims ripped the wires out of the monitor because its noise was "annoying them". (I was 75' away in my boat) The other was a houseboat with a defective genny exhaust system. 'd ay thats an impressive safety record, considering the fact that boaters usually leave common sense in the tow vehicle or at the marina.
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                    Forgive me, but I don't get it!

                    All along I've been thinking that the Kipor was the route to go!

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