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    Help with parts new or used-gctid810053

    I have a year 2000 make 2452 hard top project almost complete. I just need a few odds and ends. I need an anchor hatch door. Also the parts to the rear seats. A few other little things but they are my most important. And a new captains chair. Thank you very much for looking and any help would be awesome. I am in the Maryland area

    Welcome! I'm sorry that I'm not going to be able to help you with parts, however, because descriptions can often be mis interpretated, some pictures of what, or the areas of, what you are asking about. The anchor compartment hatch is pretty easy unless there is a separate door fo chain.

    Captains chairs are often a matter of a few off the shelf products. It's a shell, some padding a skin then staple together, we'll sort of, it's a fair bit of work. Then attach that to a slider/swivel and a post bolted to the deck. If you are looking for the pads for the rear seats, I think Great Lakes Skipper has the "skins" for many of the Bayliners. You can save a bunch if you buy your foam from an upholstery suppl shop like Perfect Fit. Don't. Buy the cheap foam from a fabric store. It's too soft and expensive. Everything is installed over half inch plywood. I suggest marine grade, then coating it with a 50/50 mix of resin and acetone to seal it. After that its stretch the skin on and staple the heck out of it with Monel or stainless steel staples.

    Good hunting in your quest for your supplies and, Welcome!
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