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    New Owner - Prop question-gctid810051

    After everyone! Glad to be part of the bayliner club with my 2003 175 br, stock merc 3.0

    The PO has a 14 x 22 ss prop on there which seems too big & no good for this boat. He had just put it on there as the 3 blade he used was chewed up badly.

    After research it sounds like the below prop should best suit my families needs on the lake, but did I just mess up and order a prop with the wrong rotation? From what I gather SR = LH, which I require a RH?

    Appreciate your time in advance. Will put up picks soon of my renovated interior and new toy.



    I can't tell from your info whether it is right or not. The pitch seems to be a bit high unless you have a outdrive that gears down the rpms. The pitch is the number of inches the boat would move through the water with every revolution of the prop (assuming you were up on plane). If the engine can't supply enough torque, is may bog down (which is not good, and may lead to burnt valves.

    Good luck, DonM


      tough to get the right prop for your needs ,still can't get the right one for mine
      1988 flybridge trophy bayliner 2556 ,mercury 5.7 lit. OMC cobra out drive 76 hrs. on new package,
      located in ketchikan ak,name DOMINION


        Thanks DonM. Are you referring the 22 pitch as too high (which I agree with) or stating that even the 14.25x19 is still too much?


          Standard rotation.

          Also says at the bottom right .

          As to pitch you might be right on .

          What you don't want is to go over recommended wot rpm.
          Be good, be happy, for tomorrow is promised to no man !

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            Gifting to myself came today and was super excited, so I can take my new toy out. Yet....something does seem right. Solas Amita 4 14.25 x 19 RH prop (new). Driver Mach Stern 14 x 22 (old with too much pitch).

            Removed old prop and installing new prop, I have ran into two issues.

            1. Shaft does not have a thrust washer on it. Solas prop seems to fit flush on shaft with spacer without thrust washer. Does this prop have a standard thrust washer where I don't need it or does a thrust washer really not "space" the prop that much (say 1/8") is all I have left without the thrust washer.

            2. Spacer fits in hub, but seems to not leave room for a locking tab. No cotter pin hole on the prop shaft either. This would leave just the nut. I know it's an extra layer of protection to not lose the prop, so little concerned running without a pin or locking tab.

            Picture of new prop and spacer.

            Picture of old prop and locking spacer which seems to be part of the hub assembly so I can't use.

            Picture of Solas prop on with spacer to show placement without thrust washer and/or locking tab washer (obviously bc I don't have them).

            Any guidance is appreciated if I need a certain hub kit or something here. Or am I ok to install as shown?

            Edit: not wanting to accept my photos, will come soon.

            Attached files



              Further review of the part number on box revealed that this prop was meant for a Yamaha and mislabeled by the seller. I was able to swap out for the correct Solas Amita 4 for merc, along with the proper thrust washer, spacer, grease job, etc...