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  • Catalina Bound - Memorial Day Weekend 2017-gctid809685

    Good afternoon all,

    We are making our first Catalina Trip in our 4588. This will also be our first time taking any boat besides the Flyer to the Island. I've researched both Avalon & Isthmus ( Two Harbors ). I know Isthmus takes reservations for anything over three days, and Avalon is first come first serve. We were thinking about leaving Oceanside on Friday the 26th at 3:30 am, And heading to Isthmus. But being its our first trip we are temped to leave Thursday the 25th, maybe at 11:00 pm and trying for Avalon. Does anyone have any experience traveling at night to Catalina? I've heard Avalon can also fill up early on a Holiday weekend. Or should I play it safe and head to Isthmus with a reservation and try Avalon on a non-Holiday weekend? Any info is always appreciated.

    P.S. if your also going to be in Avalon or Isthmus for Memorial Day. Our boat is Miss California II.

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    Watch out for Bird Rock
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      I go often

      Avalon Harbor patrol has a web site with real time mooring availability so you know nexactly how many moorings your size are open...prior to your departure. The boats leaving that morning are supposed to be off the mooring by 9am. If you arrive and all moorings in the harbor are booked, you can use Descanso or Hamilton Cove which also have moorings. ...with your back up position being Two Harbors. I just checked and for boats your size they have 28,30 and 14 this moment just to give you an idea.

      Really depends on the kind of experience you're after....quiet seclusion or busy hot spots with night life.

      Go to or Avalon Harbor patrol for mooring updates.

      good luck.

      Be safe