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Boat had alarm and went into Guardian mode-gctid809488

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    Boat had alarm and went into Guardian mode-gctid809488

    I have a 2011, Mercruiser 350 MPI, raw water cooled, Bravo III Ciera 2855.

    Well I wrote a post on this a few weeks ago about 6 beeps that happens a min or two after start up and that is all...never to be heard again.

    My first outing didn't go so well. After cruising for 30 min or so with everything working normally, I slowed to idle in a No Wake Zone. Then upon passing, I accelerated and the engine seems to hesitate, cough and I don't know what...but the alarm sounded and didn't stop for a while. I checked the gauges (Temp, Oil) and all was fine. Outdrive/power steering/oil...all fluids normal. Then I couldn't get the boat above 1200 RPM's. The alarm gave a short beep every min or so. After about 15 min or so, the boat ran perfectly.

    A friend of mine is saying water pressure sensor failure....ideas??


    I had something similar, it was water pressure switch. Though mine allowed me to go a little higher in RPM, so maybe it wasnt so low in pressure but it was low enough to beep constantly.
    2005 285SB. Couple mods, large stereo, lots of batteries, extended platform with Staple with BBQ and tender. Underwater LED's, enhanced lighting... penned in Pier21 on airberth.