Anyone have any idea how to do a hard reset for a Garmin 7600/7400 series mfd? I am waitin to hear fro Garmin, but thought I might be able to get faster help for the forum....

I recently was going through a system update. After uploading all the new software updates to the system, the system restarts. Upon restart, one of my 7600 screens somehow crashed. When it starts up it begins the startup as usual, displaying the "Garmin" name. Immediately after it, it flashes something in yellow about "transferring to recovery". It happens so fast, I can't really see what it says. Immediately after that message, it shows a message in green o that says "recovery loader ready". If I leave it, it does nothing, if I push the button on the mfd, it simply shuts down. If I push the button again, it turns on with the Garmin name and immediately turns off, sometimes it enters the "recovery loader ready "message, but never does anything.

I've tried inserting the sad card before start up, after start up and even done a prayer to the display gods, but nothing.... I'm a bit stumped and really hoping I don't have to send it in for refurb... I'm hoping someone can help me with this, though I have contacted Garmin for help. They suggested trying different ad cards, which I have with no success,,,

If anyone has any suggestions, I would really appreciate hearing them...