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  • survey- what should you pay for-gctid809037

    into surveys on the 5788 I am looking at buying. simple question....

    on the hull survey I have to pay for the haul out, I get that, I am told I have to pay for the bottom clean- I struggle with that one as it' not my boat and I haven't purchased it yet, but I guess I understand it if my surveyor needs a jet wash to be able to see the hull clearly.

    but the boat has been standing in salt and the props are covered in mussels. we did a sea trial and could not get anywhere near high revs because of the crap on the props causing massive vibration.the broker told me he had a diver check in the week and apparently there was like 6 inches of mussel growth on the props.

    Should I have to pay to have the props scraped and cleaned, I think the broker is going to tell me I have to, and it seems wrong, it's not my boat yet, you can't even run a sea trial in the state it's in, why should I pay for cleaning that off.

    thoughts on what I should pay for and what the seller should cover?
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    I think you should ask the owner for a performance number if the bottom is washed and the props are cleaned. If you accept that performance and get it proven, you can purchase the boat. and pay for the costs. Otherwise, he has to pay for the cost. If he is not willing to give you a performance guarantee, walk away from it.

    That is my opinion.

    Good luck.
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      You shouldn't pay to have the bottom including the props cleaned for the survey. Those are maintenance items. Haul out I can see, but not a regular maintenance item like bottom cleaning. I doubt the current owner would let your surveyor disassemble the inter coolers for inspection as that is a maintenance item.

      The vessel should be presented in ready to go condition, if it doesn't reach wot specs that's up to the owner to correct. I would think that's especially important on the engines on a 5788. They need to differentiate between survey items and maintenance items.

      Just my opinion,

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        Considering the amount of growth on the bottom the owner should pay for it.

        Normally the buyer would pay for a lift, that being said if the surveyor cannot see the bottom, the owner should pay and clean the bottom if he is seriously wanting to sell the boat.

        If you buy the boat you can negotiate the issue if you agree prior to haul out, I would expect the owner to present a boat that can be surveyed prior to even trying to sell it.

        I would not give the owner a free haul-out and bottom cleaning, especially if you do not buy it.

        Negotiate the deal, if the seller wants you to pay for all, take a walk, he just may want a free cleaning for the next potential buyer.

        The condition of the bottom also leaves suspect that the zincs have not been changed, there is a potential for shaft, rudder and prop damage from electrolysis and mussel build up.

        The bottom in that condition will most certainly need to be bottom painted.

        One more thing, the surveyor cannot survey the bottom unless cleaned, if not cleaned do not hire a marine surveyor, you would be throwing your money away.

        I am a retired marine surveyor, I expect a seller to present a clean vessel for inspection. That surveyor is not allowed to sell that survey to the seller if you pay for it.

        One more thing, whom ever pays for the survey, owns the survey, if the potential buyer does not buy the vessel, then the owner of the survey can sell or give the marine survey to the seller or not!
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          I wouldn't touch the bottom and if it won't come up to speed, knock about $35,000 off the price to get it right. That kind of neglect is indicative of other neglect. DO NOT GET IN LOVE WITH THIS BOAT YET. It is only a financial and quality decision at this point.


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            yes we have done a full mechanical survey already, waiting o results, then sea trial, with the issue of prop build up, we will do another when they are cleaned, and now we are doing hull with haul out next week.

            My only real question here was if a seller should pay for the prop scrape and clean, I will pay for the haul out, that's standard, and even though it seems wrong to me i am told i am on the hook for the bottom to be jet washed and i'll eat that i suppose.

            Just that prop clean up seems over the top which seems to be the consensus here too.
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