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    Another Dumb questions-gctid808929

    at times my reverse does not engage - causing the stern leg to rise up - however it is not a consistent issue

    without taking the boat out of teh water is there anything i can do to make it work properly

    will moving the gear level back and forwards while not powered make any difference

    seems when at sea if i go from forward to reverse it seems to help

    any help would be appreciated

    Vic, I think we're going to need some help before many of us can give you some dumb answers to you dumb question. I'm joking with you here a bit, but it would really help to know the brand and model of the drive you have. My first guess would be a Volvo, but it could also be a less common brand, say a BMW.

    Reading your post, it sounds like the unit actually shifts into reverse but the lock mechanism for keeping the drive down fails to engage and the unit kicks up instead of pulling on the boat to stop it or back out of a slip, right? Better yet, it doesn't do it every time, just when you need it most. It's been a lot of years since I had a Volvo, but I did have a similar problem and it related to the flattening of the locking catches called pawls flattening at the tips. After you add your boat year and model, power package, drive type, region where you are as you want to define it and where you like to use your boat to your signature, do a search for parts lookups for your brand drive. There are several sites that have the parts microfiche available by year and model number so you can get an idea of the latching mechanism. Some of the drawings are more intuitive than others, but if you can do ikea, you can do these.

    I found this manual after doing a search for "Volvo 280 stern drive schematic". It was only one of the results.

    The locking mechanism adjustment is on page 127 and you may be able to get a good idea of what is going on by backing the boat into shallow water at a dock and getting wet. I find boat ramps are really good places to use. Having a wetsuit helps here in the 50 degree

    Puget Sound. Having sons with dry suits works even better.
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      Vic, assuming that you have one of the AQ series drives (Pre-C or later), the reverse latch system is actually a break-a-way feature via the "over-centering" geometry.

      It also prevents the drive from being tilted up and out of the water while reversing.

      However, for the Pre-290 drives....... when deliberately lifting the drive up and out of the water, the lift-out extends a vice rod that has a pressure plate at the very bottom of it.

      This pressure plate depresses a push rod that Un-Latches the hooks from the set pin.

      When lowering the drive back down, the vice rod is retracted.

      Once retracted, you should see a large space between the pressure plate and the latch release rod "thrust sleeve".

      If the vice rod is NOT being fully retracted, the pressure plate will continue to push against the release rod, therefor holding the latch hooks away from the "set pin".

      This will cause the drive to Kick UP when reversing!

      Make sure that:

      ...... your vice rod is fully retracted when operating the boat.

      ...... the center lift spring is in good condition.

      ...... the latch hooks are not rounded off and have a good crisp profile.

      ..... the shift cable "extends" at the gear yoke for a FWD gear selection.

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      Please, no PMs. Ask your questions on forum.


        thanks i'll look into it - it is a volvo