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99 Bayliner Trophy WA 2002 Front Bilge Pump Install-gctid808900

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    99 Bayliner Trophy WA 2002 Front Bilge Pump Install-gctid808900

    Hello BOC

    I am hoping someone on the forum has installed a front bilge on trophy wa 2002 and can point me in the right direction.

    I am still accumulating water in front cuddy under floor I can see it through the cut out under porta potty. I would like it if someone could help me if they have installed a bilge up there

    My questions would be

    Where did you route tubing?

    what size pump?

    Any help would be appreciated I don't know where water is coming from it has to be windshield at this point its the only access that has not been resealed.

    Rub rails, anchor locker has been sealed?
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      rub rail was done and there is no access point in anchor locker to cuddy it is completely sealed.


        You are aware that water can migrate from the engine compartment forward to the cuddy? If you trailer the boat, raise the tongue of the trailer well up and see if the water in the cuddy runs out through the drain hole in the stern. It may take a while to find it's way out. I was under the impression that these areas were sealed off from one another but found out one winter that this was not the case. I now always store the boat with the bow well raised and the drain plug removed, and have never had water reappear in the cuddy. I tape the bung plug to my winch handle so I cannot forget to reinstall it.
        Bob Hawes.
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        1998 Trophy 2052 WA
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          I am aware of the design of the boat and that while at rest in the slip at the dock all the water runs forward. Hence the original post my question was has anyone installed a bilge pump in front cuddy of TROPHY 2002 and where and how was it installed. I was just looking for some ideas of previous installs. I am really no longer concerned about where and how the water gets in. It is a 18 year boat I am sure I could spend the next year resealing everything and then never enjoy it. I thought someone would have had a similar issue and installed a bilge pump.

          Thank you for all the input though it is appreciated.


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            Editing a comment
            I installed a bilge pump in the forward area under the step. I ran the hose (that comes with the pump) through a small hole I cut with a circular bit and ran the pipe under the helm area and along the starboard side all the way to the stern. Only a very small portion of hose is visible but most importantly, it stays out of the way.

            You will need to the remove the side panel behind the helm to guide the hose along to the aft.

            I connected a smaller (5/8) section of hose and ran it through the hole used for the oil supply line and out the transom area. The pump is has an auto float and manual feature. I ran wire from the battery area to the cuddy along the port side. The wire connects directly to the battery. The wire runs in the the cabin and is tucked under the carpeting. You will need to remove the panel on the side to guide the wire from the battery area to the cabin. You will also need fish tape to get the wire from the battery area and into the area where the panel was removed. I used Steel Depthfinder Fish Tape by Klein Tools.

            Once the wire is in cabin, the only exposed wire is the section that runs from the storage and into the bilge compartment.

            The red (power) lead is split to provide power to the the manual and automatic leads wires for the pump.

            I used toggle switches (2) with wire leads to be able to control electric supply to the auto wire lead and the manual wire lead. The connections, toggle switches are all tucked/bundled inside the bilge compartment out of sight and secured with a small screw and cable guide.

            The pump works flawlessly.

            You may want to consider wiring the power from the fuse console under the helm, but you will not be able to use the pump if you also shut the power off to rest of the boat with your battery (A/B) switch.

            My rear bilge is also automatic, which gives me a level of comfort when I leave the boat moored overnight and I don't have to worry about water leakage and swamping.

            Before installing the pump, I tried to figure why there is no plumbing connection between the front and aft bilges, but got no results. I even tried to blow out whatever perceived blockage between the two bilge areas with a high pressure water hose but that got no results. The water I put in there only flow back out of the small hole and in the front bilge. I gave up trying to find the blockage. I am thinking there is no blockage, but instead, the boat design has two (2) separate bilge areas and each should have its own bilge pump.

          Did you ever resolve this issue? I'm looking to do the same thing with mine. seems to be a poor deign.


            If you can see where the water is standing, that would be the place to install the bilge pump. Getting power to it and attaching a drain hose may be an issue, but there is space in the storage areas under the side cushions. You may have to run a small portion of exposed wiring or hose, but I'd think that running it back to the bulkhead under the cushions and then bringing it up and out would be possible. I'd still want to discover the source of the water. Tarp over the bow and windshield area and see if the water stops entering. A few more experiments will eventually lead you to with the source
            Bob Hawes.
            Kelowna, B.C.
            1998 Trophy 2052 WA
            4.3 Vortec, A1 G2