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    Newbie needs advice!-gctid808810

    First off thank you in advance for reading this! ( I hope I put this in the right forum, please forgive me if it's not)

    Let me start by saying I am a total complete newbie. I have never owned a boat, towed a boat, driven a boat etc.... I can probably draw stick figures standing on a boat butttt that's where it ends.

    So the advice I seek is regarding a boat purchase.

    I currently have narrowed my purchase down to a Bayliner VR5 or VR6 and have financing approved and what not.

    The dealer close to me is selling a USED 2016 VR5 that has the nice options, Teak matt/ski tower combo, with 20 hours on it... They want $32K out the door for it.

    Dealer #2 (4 hours away) is selling a BRAND NEW 2016 VR6 that has carpet/Bimini Top/dual axle trailer... We've agreed on $32K out the door for it.

    So I guess my question is what do you guys recommend for a complete beginner?

    I like the options on the VR5 plus it's 4 hours closer to me and possible easier to learn boating on a smaller boat?

    But I wonder if the resale would be higher on the VR6 down the road?

    Any input is greatly appreciated!

    According to the specifications, the VR6 (which is a newer model) is only 2 feet longer and about 400 pounds heavier. The engine is the same.

    Operationally, you should not experience a difference.

    The ski tower combo on the VR5 may be attractive to you, so I would check pricing for that option. But the base price for the newer VR6 is $6,000 more than the VR5. This implies the VR5 is overpriced. Bottom line, the VR6 is newer and would be the same boat operationally with a larger resale value. What are the warranty and service provisions?

    I would recommend the VR6 (sight unseen, of course).
    2006 Trophy Pro 2052 - 1.7 liter Diesel
    Jacksonville, Florida


      Here's an earlier thread on VR5 and VR6 that you might find interesting

      Without seeing all of the details, options, warranties, condition of the used VR5, etc it's tough to determine the best bang for your buck. Based on what you have described the VR6 seems to be the better deal by far. And from what you describe the VR5 doesn't come with a trailer either.

      Regarding the size and learning I would suggest that the differnece in these boats would be minimal. I would give it half a season before you have the footsies if you go with the VR5. Just my 2 cents.


        Are the engines the same?

        No brainer, go with the VR6
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        2007 Sedona F21


          Just watched the following video

          Great boats! If you plan on haviing the Admiral (wife) and/or kids boating with you the head option on the VR6 should make it the easy choice.


            Hey guys!

            Thank you for all of the advice!

            These are the link to the actual boats (guess I should have included from the get go)





            It seems the general consensus is to go with the VR6...

            That is the direction I was leaning, I was just worried a bigger boat may be harder to learn on. I have the Wife plus 2 young kids and a baby so I think the VR6 is the right choice.

            I've got the money down on the VR6 now! I just gotta sign some papers!!

            Thanks again guys


              I would go with the VR6 for all the above reasons


                I would get something older but excellent shape. sorry but you asked.

                Make all your mistakes dings and leaving the bilge plug out on a older boat.

                Take a few courses first thing.

                Your going to gouge ding, and generally hurt that expensive new toy, and loose sleep over it.

                Get your sea legs fist.
                Be good, be happy, for tomorrow is promised to no man !

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                  Congrats on your new boat!

                  As to Chief's comment, here are three things to remember that will save those dings at the dock or sinking your boat because you forgot the bilge plug. (It happened to me, though just the OD was in the water when I realized I'd forgotten it.)

                  1. TAKE YOUR TIME! I've seen more people take gouges out of their boat coming into the dock - or marina - too fast. Idle down. I've also seen people readying to splash who get so excited, they forget to untie the boat from the trailer. Thankfully, our marina has bumpers fixed to the docks, so we rarely use fenders, which is another consideration often missed.

                  2. Until you fully understand how to maneuver your boat on the water at slow speeds, ALWAYS have someone manning the boat hook! And if you don't have one, get one!

                  3. Write yourself a ToDo list of what you need to do before you splash. Laminate it and use it when you arrive at the marina. Putting in the bilge plug must be #1. Unclipping the bow ring is #2. #3 is untethering the tie-downs. (Some unplug the trailer lights. Some, like me, add the mooring lines BEFORE we splash.) Add other items like the cooler and fishing licenses if you need reminding. ALWAYS use this list for at least the first two years, particularly at the beginning of the each season.

                  I do agree that you should take a boating course. Both the US Power Squadron and the USCG Auxiliary hold them.

                  Best of luck on your new boat.
                  "B on D C", is a 1989 2459 Trophy Offshore HT, OMC 5.7L, Cobra OD, Yamaha 15hp kicker. Lots of toys! I'm no mechanic, just a blue water sailer and woodworker who loves deep sea fishing.
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                    "Chief Alen" post=808939 wrote:
                    I would get something older but excellent shape. sorry but you asked.

                    Make all your mistakes dings and leaving the bilge plug out on a older boat.

                    Take a few courses first thing.

                    Your going to gouge ding, and generally hurt that expensive new toy, and loose sleep over it.

                    Get your sea legs fist.
                    [color]blue wrote:
                    I must agree with Alen.

                    Also, try to find a good used boat that does not require financing.

                    Financing TOYS is not smart money spent! [/color]
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                    Please, no PMs. Ask your questions on forum.


                      I would say if you can afford go with the new one. That is what I did. It was my first boat and I didn't want others problems to ruined the short summer. I saw my 2 brother and law looking at me go in the water because there boat had problems. Yes the first ding will hurt your heart...but everything is repairable...but a lost WE isn't

                      My 2 cents


                        FIrst of all, stop listening to anyone who says buy toys with cash. I would tell you to buy intelligently - set a budget for toys, put a healthy downpayment down, and finance smart. The VR series boats are great in that they are move up boats for smaller boat owners, but they still make fantastic entry level boats.

                        Secondly, it looks like the deed is done but you done good - I would go with the VR6. Longer, heavier, a head compartment, and more seating. It also rides better while still handling as well as the VR5. I have driven both.

                        Third, the VR5 has the 4.3. I would rather have the 4.5, which I assume the '6 has (Its no longer on their site).

                        I would get an extended powertrain warranty - Merc's standard warranty is only going to cover you for maybe a season or two. I would also consider getting the arch on the VR6. It's nice for the integrated bimini, but if you have to do without it to get the '6, then do that.

                        And enjoy. Fantastic boat, and as long as your needs require a trailerable day boat, the VR6 is something you can hang onto for a long time. DOn't be afraid to ask questions here - we are here to help you get the most out of boating.
                        Matt Train
                        BOC Site Team
                        Chicagoland, IL


                          I just got my brand new 2017 VR5 fresh from the factory last week. Can't wait to put it in the water. My biggest surprise so far and a good one is that all the pics I've seen and the demo at boat show all had the same wakeboard tower. Black base with brushed aluminum top. New version has the top painted black AND as you may notice in the pictures the integrated bimini as been extended out the back.

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                            Nice boat. Congrats!

                            A girl staring at her phone. 2017 model for sure.
                            2006 Trophy Pro 2052 - 1.7 liter Diesel
                            Jacksonville, Florida


                              I bought my similar 2013 195 brand new. I knew I would ding it up...a lot since I boat on rivers primarily. I learned a lot from those dings, thank you and they are all fixable. Could have gotten a 30-40 footer and dinged it up, maybe even worse. Now when I DO get the bigger boat, I will have fewer dings. But I'm gonna have them no matter how long I boat.

                              Most of them have come from others at the marinas and docks. You'll get over it or you will be miserable. Just keep it clean, keep it in good mechanical shape, and you will get lots of enjoyment.
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