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    Finding Original Parts With Hull Number-gctid807764

    I just bought a 1987 Bayliner 2450. It is in really good shape but as with any older boat many parts are old, brittle and worn. With the exception of moulded body and hull parts most boats are put together with parts that are manufactured by other companies . Finding the make and model of all these parts can be difficult at times. Does anyone know if by providing Bayliner with the Hull number if a complete parts list is available from them or maybe an outside company that can look up all the info on a boat from when it was actually built?
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    Frank, I feel your pain. I have a '90 2655. I've learned that BL can provide you with (from their archives) most original owner and part manuals but any/ most "boat/ hull specific" parts were discontinued and according to their rep ended up being sold off to clear warehouse space for newer after some amount of time. The older the boat, the longer it's been and the less chance they will have any vendor info on them. Vendors close, are bought and sold, technology and constantly changing boat designs all factor in on how long some parts exist in the afterlife/ aftermarket reproduction world. Also there are instances where dealerships installed and sold options BL's main assembly plant knew little or nothing about. I've spent hours Googling and browsing images of 2655 Sunbridge's and following up through links from pictures trying to trace to certain parts. Mostly dead ends BUT once in a while that research DOES pay off. There's probably a forum for your specific model on here. Start going through the pages and posting. This site has a wealth of reference info and the members are more than glad to help.

    I'd recommend , in your profile "signature" section listing your boat(s) by year and model ( eng size, trim level/ , complete model name/ numbers, etc) and region where you live,so that when you post questions, your replies will be more specific and when you can, include pictures of items you're researching even if the item's half gone. Good luck!

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      Frank, by 1987 Bayliner had standardized the build of its boats the the point of two color options, blue or red, and marine head or porta potty. Other options were dealer installed. I don't believe there were any individual "build sheets" like in the auto industry.

      Parts like hatches, tanks, pumps and general hardware were "off the shelf" and are still being produced by companies that bought the original producer. So, what parts are on your list? Looking at your avatar I can tell you the helm enclosure is not factory :whistle:

      There is some new, old stock at Great Lakes Skipper, but as the rep told you, any old inventory at Bayliner is long gone. Inventory costs money and unless it "turns", that is, sells constantly, there are few business reasons to keep it. Think of it like a produce market, keep lettuce too long and you have garbage.

      In the proverbial nutshell, no, but in most cases we can help and/or guide you to the correct current replacement.

      Like Huey said, please add the signature information. It really helps us help you.
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