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Side window tracks on 2556 worth replacing?-gctid807581

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    Side window tracks on 2556 worth replacing?-gctid807581

    Previous owner on my project 2556 sealed the side windows solid. Guess it will be rather big job getting the old silicone(or what ever he put there) out and putting new seals/tracks in place. How good is the original design, is it rain proof when new and what is the rough " life expectancy" of the seals keeping the water out? if they are not water tight in the first place maybe not worth the hassle ? Perfectfit has these in stock ( based on another thread might be the right seals) 75000566 AS1466 - DEEP & 75000486 AS1369 - SHALLOW but they can not confirm its the right model.

    Any views would be highly appreciated.
    Bayliner 2556 1990 project


    I was about to post up info I found on part numbers and realized it was all from another thread you had posted!

    My windows and tracks appear original and while they still open and close, they are not water tight. I don't know if this is because the tracks are broken or if it is by design which sounds crazy but it looks like there is a fiberglass "gutter" on the inside that is supposed to drain any water that gets in towards the rear of the cabin and out a small hole in the aft bulkhead. After removing the piece of wood panel from behind the AC duct work it was much easier to see where the water is coming in and draining out.

    Regardless of the water intrusion, I would hate not being able to open the windows in the cabin. If I were you I would definitely remove the caulk/silicone/sealant that the PO used and try getting the windows opening again.

    I will try to remember pics next time I am at the boat.