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Bayliner 275 bedding-gctid807039

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  • Flynny94
    Congrats on the new boat!

    I'm not sure if the dimensions in your mid-cabin are the same as in my 285. But as far as the V-berth, we just use sheets that are wide enough to cover the widest part of the mattress, and then tuck the extra up at the narrower part underneath the mattress. With a little work, you can get everything to tuck in pretty tightly and look neat.

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  • Simplicity_Sue
    started a topic Bayliner 275 bedding-gctid807039

    Bayliner 275 bedding-gctid807039

    We are in the process of buying a 2007 Bayliner 275 and wondered if anyone knew the dimensions for the mid-cabin berth. Also would anybody be able to tell me the best way to measure (or get) bedding for the aft v-berth. It looks such an odd shape that I cannot get my head around how to get the right shaped sheets/duvet etc. Any information gratefully received!!