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Bayliner Classic 2152 2003-gctid806077

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    Bayliner Classic 2152 2003-gctid806077

    Hey Folks,

    request to owners or ex owners.

    Could you share experience with this boat? Pros/cons?

    Thank you,


    I just got the same boat 5 days ago.

    I was excited to join this bayliner site, but so far it look as though there is not much activity and only technical questions get replies.

    The former owner of my boat told me some basic boat info, but nothing about my boat directly.

    Told me to change the plugs every year...check the cap every year and rotor, and wires about 3 seasons.

    He said there is some kind of plug in device to check the hours on the boat. I wish I knew where and what. I like to keep up with my maintenance on the engine hours.

    Do you have a dual battery system in yours? I have a single with 550CCA that is not cutting it. I plan on getting a dual system, but I have to figure out if there is enough space to fit them back there. I also have a mountable trickle charger. If you do have a dual can you take a picture?

    What color did you get? any pictures?

    All the ones ive seen are blue and white lol.

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    2003 Bayliner 2152 Capri Cuddy | 5.0 Mercruiser w Alpha 1 drive | 220 HP | 21ft
    1977 Century 210 Raven Cuddy | 5.0 OMC 190 HP | 21ft.
    Washington DC & Lancaster, Va